Manila’s White Cross Orphanage

We try to visit the White Cross Children’s Home in Manila a few times a year. (even some of our clients have gone) It is an orphanage in San Juan, Philippines (right in Metro Manila) and houses anywhere from 80 – 120 kids in need of a temporary place to live or are up for adoption.

Before we go, we always call them to find out what they need. They are always in need of something and can use the support. We have written about White Cross a few times and we get inquires every few months from people finding our blog post and wanting to help so I figured I would put together a post that breaks it down.

1. What do they need? 

They gave us a list. It is always good to call in advance as sometimes they have different needs but this list is their general “always needed” items.


2. Visits

The kids love visitors. The babies want to be held, the toddlers want to play, they are eager to hang out and always a friendly group. The caregivers looking after them do a great job but there is not enough of them to go around. We have taken our team there a couple times or gone an visited with my wife and kids. If you have an hour or two, give them a call and pop in.

3. Adoption

Adoption in the Philippines is hard for foreigners, but can be done. For local Filipinos the process is a bit quicker. White Cross has lots of information about how it works if that is something your interested in.

Below is Paolo, on the right he was 6 months old (approx.) and on the left, 18 months old (approx.). He is one of the children looking for a place to permanently call home.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 7.53.09 PM

To contact White Cross:

White Cross – 276 Santolan Road, San Juan City, Metro Manila
Tel: 721-2779


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