December 30th celebrates Rizal Day in the Philippines

Rizal Day

Rizal Day is a national holiday that celebrates the life of Philippine hero José Rizal. December 30th commemorates the day of his death 1896 after being executed by Spanish military personnel. After the US took control of the Philippines, José Rizal was named a Philippine National Hero a year later making December 30th the holiday to be remembered.

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November 30th is Bonifacio Day in the Philippines!

nov 30

Bonifacio Day is a national public holiday in the Philippines that celebrates the birthday of one of the Philippines’ greatest heroes, Andrés Bonifacio.

Andrés Bonifacio is known for being the leader of the Revolution against Spanish Colonisation in 1892.

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Ninoy Aquino Day is Coming Up


On August 21st every year, the Philippines celebrates the national non-work day called Ninoy Aquino Day to commemorate the assassination of former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr.  He as well as his wife Corazon Aquino who later became President of the Philippines are considered some of the highest heroes to the Democracy reform throughout the country.

Happy Canada Day!

canada-day (1)

With a few of our team members being from Canada, we wanted to wish everyone a happy Canada Day which is a federal statutory holiday!

The holiday which falls on July 1st celebrates the day 3 British colonies became unified in 1867 under a single country called Canada!

Interesting fact; Canada Day was originally named Dominion Day until it was renamed in 1982.

Meet the Candidates of the #SelfieAtWork Contest!

Our #SelfieAtWork Contest is a chance to show recognition for individuals who constantly bring positivity and a great attitude to your workplace. A happy team is a productive team and we hope to reward the people that make a difference! For the person who gets the most votes before June 20th when the contest ends, PayrollHero will be buying the winner and their team an awesome lunch! Be sure to like the Facebook page to vote and share the contest URL link with your friends and family and help your teammates win!

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Meet the Candidates!

Reabelle Chavez of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Reabelle Chavez CBTL

Billie Capistrano of Next Coffee Frontier

Billie Capistrano

Jan Lester “Jan” Mallar of MunchPunch


Angelito Luat of Tate Publishing

Angelito Luat of Tate Publishing

Maria Christine “Maria” Lebitania of Diane Pendle


Michael “Michael” Espina of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Cebu


Dave Donggon of Faburitto

Dave Donggon

Mary Princess Ayana Miano Ibajo of The Picture Company

Mary Princess Ayana Miano Ibajo of The Picture Company

Paul Craig Perez of Krispy Kreme

Paul Craig Perez of Krispy Kreme

Michael Galera of Red Box

Michael Galera of Red Box

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Clint Wilson of Cazoomi Checks Out PayrollHero

Today I had the opportunity to have Clint, Lheomar, Michael and Bernard of Cazoomi stop by the office in Manila to show them what we are all about at PayrollHero and exchange ideas from a software vet! Clint Wilson, CEO and Founder of Cazoomi is based out of San Francisco in the US but is often found traveling through Asia working with his team abroad in their operations throughout.

I was lucky to sit down with them for a coffee at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to chat about our company ambitions and learn more about how Cazoomi has successfully navigated the software world as well as where opportunities exist in today’s market. I even surprised Clint with making him clock in with TeamClock on my phone, his expression was too good to not share. Thanks for that one Clint!

Always surround yourself with like minded individuals and put yourself out there to meet new people whenever possible!




We Truly Live by the Term #AdventureEngineering at PayrollHero

Last weekend some of our team including Kieran, Adam, Mike and myself got the chance to stay at the Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort to explore the area and experience a new area of the Philippines. Although Kieran, Adam and Mike had finished a TechTalks Cebu the night before, I flew straight from Vancouver over night and after a transfer flight from Manila to Dumaguete finally arrived at the destination to be greeted by smiles and drinks.

Shortly after arriving we ventured to a well known local spot called Tumalog Falls which had a visually stunning water pool formed by the 20 meter high waterfall. As if it could not get better, we also had a picnic arranged by the resort at the base of the falls with a full roasted pig or known as Lechon in Filipino presented with many other eats. The Sumilon Island resort staff provide an incredible level of service and accommodation making our short time there extremely pleasant.

photo 1


photo 2

In the pursuit to experience everything Oslob had to offer, we set out to go whale shark diving. Without a doubt one of the most fun and bizarre experiences to be swimming casually next to such massive creatures, we spent as long as we were allowed in the water. Definitely a new life experience we highly recommend!



Check out our video on #AdventureEngineering to learn more about how we like to create incredible things while still leading a life of new adventures. Contact us if you think you would be a great fit for our team!