New: Reminders For Your Employees via Facebook Messenger

Do you have employees who forget to clock in and the start of their shift, or forget to clock out at the end?  Well, we can help, we have a new tool that reminds your employees of their schedule.

If PayrollHero has not received a clock in or out from your employee, they can be reminded 15 minutes prior to their schedule or after the completion of the schedule, automatically, via Facebook Messenger.

Why Facebook Messenger? 

For starters, you most likely already have it on your phone, so no need to download a new app to get PayrollHero reminders.  Plus, in many countries (including the Philippines), Facebook Messenger is free, no data required.

What do the reminders look like? 

Good question, here is an example of a reminder. It pops up prior to the shift to remind employees to clock in.

Employee Reminders

What other reminders are there?

  • 15 minutes prior to shift
  • 15 minutes after shift has started if there is still no clock in
  • 15 minutes after shift has ended if there is no clock out

The time (15 minutes) can vary depending on your PayrollHero thresholds.

Lucy can trigger #MyClock app

Lucy can share the #MyClock link so employees can clock in right there. All your employee has to do is ask Lucy for the app.  Here is an example;

hr assistant bot

And this is what she links to when you click it;

PayrollHero MyClock Time Device

From there, your employees can clock in or out.

Employee can request sick time, via Lucy

In this scenario, the employee gets their reminder to clock in for their upcoming shift but the employee is sick and wants to request the day off. Lucy can help with that. Here is how that works;

Managers can approve or reject sick time request

Here is what your managers see when they log into PayrollHero to approve or reject a leave request.

request sick time via bot

Once approved (or rejected) an email goes out automatically from PayrollHero to the employee to confirm the request.

email notifications of sick time

Finally, the employees schedule is changed within PayrollHero, showing the confirmed leave request and locking the schedule so that another manager can’t schedule this employee.

sick time software

Want to learn more? Just contact our team for more details.

If you are not a PayrollHero client and want to learn more… you can see our offerings here:

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