Who is Lucy?

Meet Lucy

Our 24/7 HR A.I. Assistant


Lucy is a 24/7 HR A.I. Assistant for companies of all sizes. She handles the low level but critical HR tasks for all companies in any industry so that HR teams can focus on the more important aspects of their role; improving their employees lives and company culture.

She interacts with employees via chat, so employees can contact her anywhere and at any time without having to learn how to navigate new software interfaces.

What can Lucy 

Lucy can currently do the following for all PayrollHero customers, completely free of charge

  • Clocking reminders
  • Clock in/out (optional)
  • GPS Clock in/out (optional)
  • Employee’s direct payslips
  • Requests leaves
    (requires the existing Leave Management Add On)
  • Check leave balances
    (requires the existing Leave Management Add On)
  • Adding Employee
  • Manager Notification: I’m Running Late
  • Manager Notification: I will be absent
  • Clock Out Receipts
  • Employees can check schedules
  • Employee Happy Birthday Messages

How does Lucy work?

Clocking in

Check upcoming schedules

Wish your employees Happy Birthday

Advanced Lucy Features

Lucy can get even smarter with some of these amazing advanced features. For $2.00 a month you can get her advanced features, with an introductory 3 months free. For our existing customers we guarantee to reduce your attendance resolution by 50% or the add on is free.

Employee Pulse

Ever wondered what your employees really think about your company? Whether they had a good day at work? Do they understand your values?

Lucy can ask these questions to your employee on a daily, monthly or weekly basis. You can access that data and make data orientated HR decisions.

Lucy Attendance

Collecting time data for generating payroll is a vital part of the payroll process. It doesn’t matter if you use time sheets, biometrics or any other method you need to get that data into payroll. With our existing thresholds PayrollHero resolves your attendance automatically and can capture your complicated attendance rules.

However, what happens if your employee forgets to clock in? Normally supervisors have to waste their time finding out whether the employee has actually worked, what time they came in and then update the time data.

With Lucy this is a thing of the past. She will follow up directly with your employee, find out what happened and automatically update their attendance in the system. If manager’s approval is needed she will request this, and all the manger needs to do is click 👍 or 👎.

Photo Mismatch (Coming Soon)

Security is important to a lot of companies, but you also don’t want to stop the right person from starting their shift either. With outdated biometrics sometimes that’s a problem. With Lucy your employees can clock in and out with no delays, and you can be confident the right person is clocking in.

Location Mismatch (Coming Soon)

Want your employees to have freedom to clock in on their own devices? Don’t want to have to worry about where they are clocking in? Don’t worry Lucy has you covered. With Lucy’s location mismatch features she’ll follow up directly with the employee’s line manager is she detects a clocking that isn’t at the right location.