– Share Your Failures – “FailCon is a one-day conference for technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers and designers to study their own and others’ failures and prepare for success.”

The PayrollHero team attended FailCon 2011 in San Francisco today.  It was a fantastic event and a great spin on technology conferences.  Each speaker told their story of failure and how it landed them where they are today, what they learned from it and how they moved forward after it.

The standout speakers from my point of view were Joe Gebbia from AirBnB and Travis Kalanick from  Joe talked about AirBnB’s rise and its unlikely road to success. Travis said by the end of his presentation that we would all be “dripping in failure” and that he was the biggest failure of them all.  (He mentioned at one point he was sued for $250Million dollars)

Photos from the event.