Luxr SF5 Residency Mixer At PayrollHero

After the first session at Luxr, we wanted to get to know the group as soon as we could so that we could get the most out of the Luxr Residency and fast track the relationships with the other members of the cohort.  So, we did what we know best, and threw together a cocktail party at the house for all of the attendees of the Luxr program and the instructors.  It was a great way to meet the other teams, share a few stories and learn more about what they are up to and where they are going.  (complete picture set here)

Where cocktail parties always seem to gather (the kitchen)

(L – R) Adam Baechler, Piotr Banasik, Tobi Adamolekun, Toni and Jason Fraser

(L – R) Bryan, Janice Fraser, Michael Stephenson and Jesse Martinez
(L – R) Stephen Jagger, Tony Stubblebine and Jesse Martinez



50 Coffees: Drew Meyers & Brad Coy

Today Seattle based tech consultant and former Zillow’er Drew Meyers popped by our house with San Francisco based real estate agent Brad Coy.  It was a great opportunity to catch up with long time colleagues that we first met through Ubertor and the real estate technology world.  Brad and Drew had lots of insight into the tech scene in San Francisco as well as suggestions for where to work out, what Yogo studios are good to check out and who to meet up with while we are here.

(L – R: Michael Stephenson, Brad Coy, Drew Meyers, Stephen Jagger)

(50 Coffees)

50 Coffees

“50 coffee meetings. It should stick in your head as a metaphor for networking. For getting outside of your comfort zone. For starting relationships today that won’t pay off for a year. It’s the entrepreneur’s equivalent of 10,000 hours.” (source)

Mark Suster a venture capitalist based in Los Angeles wrote a blog post about how getting out there and meeting people for “50 coffees” will help you build relationships that might not pay off for a year.

We are in San Francisco at least until January 15th 2012 and want to meet with as many people in the tech scene here as we can.  We are looking to meet with VCs, entrepreneurs, developers, media, angels, conference organizers and anyone else doing great things in Silicon Valley.

In this blog, we will document each of these coffee meetings.

Setting Up The San Francisco “Office”

We have rented a house to set up show in while we are here and part of the setup means transforming part of the house we are in, into a functional office space.  Thankfully, they had a large dinning room table that we have taken over and make it our work space.

One thing we realized quite quickly was that the dinning room chairs were not going to cut it for long days of working away.  About 10 years ago, Mike and I purchased seemingly super expensive chairs called Herman Miller Aeron chairs.  While they are really expensive, over the years they have been proven as the best quality chair on the market.  We have purchased many other chairs from lots of different suppliers only to have them fall apart, loose the stuffing in the arm rests or just break.  The first 2 Aeron chairs that we bought 10 years ago, are still in use and look like new.  So today, we drove over the Bay Bridge in San Francisco to a furniture supplier that was selling hundreds of “used” Aeron chairs.  By used, they said they were bought by Google, for a 3 day conference, and then put on the market to be sold.  So we picked up 4 of them for the team. Day 1

We have arrived at, for Day 1 of the Lean UX Residency.  We have had a few people ask about how we ended up at Luxr? how did we hear about it?
When starting (OTD) in Manila my business partner (Mike Stephenson) was having a hard time with payroll, schedules and time tracking.  There were some solutions for some of it, but not one thing that did all that we needed and that we liked.  So, Mike suggested building our own, so we put a few developers on it and built a payroll/time tracking/scheduling software application.  It worked well.  We showed it to a few business owners in Manila, they liked it and wanted to use it.  BOOM – was born.  We adjusted the system to work for other companies and began adding Alpha users to the system.
Through Eric Ries (who Mike and I met with up in Whistler) we learned of in San Francisco.  Actually we bought 500 copies (details of that deal) of his new book The Lean Startup and with that package came the entry and a bunch of other slick stuff. is a paid residency program in San Francisco.  There are 4 other companies in it.  The quality of the other Luxr groups are fantastic. And one of them, Lift, has already been funded by Ev and Biz from Twitter.