50 Coffees: Rob Hayes, First Round Capital

I had the opportunity to meet up with Rob Hayes at First Round Capital the other day.  Rob has led investments in companies such as Mint.com (acquired by Intuit), HomeRun (acquired by Rearden Commerce), Uber, TaskRabbit, AppFog, Get Satisfaction, and DNAnexus.

I actually had the opportunity to see Rob speak when he was in Vancouver, BC for GrowConf a few months ago.  Rob has a great style about him where he says exactly what he thinks, there is no guessing how he feels about something.

When we met, we chatted about PayrollHero and the direction we were going with it.  It was a fantastic meeting, although quite quick (his assistant has him doing back to back 30 minute meetings all day it sounded like), where Rob asked some solid questions about our business and had some great insight into the business to business marketplace.

(50 Coffees)