50 Coffees: Bezos Expeditions

I had the opportunity to meet up with Melinda Lewison who runs Bezos Expeditions, which handles the personal investments of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.  It was great to meet up with her in their Seattle, WA offices to chat further about what we are up to with Payroll Hero and where we are going with the company.



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2 thoughts on “50 Coffees: Bezos Expeditions

  1. Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for writing about your adventures. It’s cool to hear about your meeting with Melinda Lewison.

    Also, I was curious if PayrollHero would have some APIs available. TimeGears is (just about) 100% accessible via rest services, and I like to keep an eye on possible integrations we’d want to do in the future.



  2. Hi Chris,
    We have a private API, but more to come.
    Drop your email at payrollhero.com and I will keep you up to date.

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