PayrollHero Featured in ANC’s Future Perfect “Silicon Valley” Segment

PayrollHero, along with 5 other ON3 competition finalists, was featured and interviewed at ANC’s Future Perfect “Emerging Filipino Tech Companies headed to Silicon Valley” segment which was aired on July 18, 2012 7:00 PM PHT.

PayrollHero, recently selected as one of the winners of the ON3 Nationals and counted as one of the emerging filipino tech companies headed to Silicon Valley, was represented by company Co-Founder, Stephen Jagger.

The finalists and sponsors were interviewed by Future Perfect host, Tony Velasquez, who eagerly dived into a comfortable discussion about each start-up company’s product or service.

Stephen Jagger of PayrollHero talks about buddy punching

Among the finalists are X2wave, MiiMove, GroupJump and, all of whom were present at the guesting. Novare General Manager Kenneth Palacios and Plug and Play Co-Founder Jojo Flores were among the interviewees who gave more in depth insights and a clearer picture of the current tech start up status in the country.

Host Tony Velasquez, expressed his sheer interest in PayrollHero’s functions, especially its facial biometric and mood verification feature. He was interested in the SaaS’ ability to eliminate buddy punching, a costly problem experienced globally.

PayrollHero with the rest of the ON3 Finalists

When Plug and Play Co-Founder Jojo Flores explained the need to immerse themselves with the companies to see if they could gain more traction, Tony candidly stated that he would want to try out PayrollHero.

Join PayrollHero as we continue on this exciting adventure towards success at Silicon Valley!

See more photos of the event here

Find out more by watching the video:

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