Founders Dinner: Q4 Restaurant, Vancouver

The latest edition of the Founders Dinner was last night at the fabulous Q4 Restaurant on Broadway in Vancouver.  I have been putting together these dinners in Vancouver and Manila for the past little while and it is always a good time.  The idea is to get founders of tech companies together for a meal to chat about the startup world.  No speakers, no presentations, just networking with some of the cities tech founders.  Last night we had a great group that included;

Michael Stephenson – co-founder of and
Nick Molnar and Matt Friesen – co-founders of
James Mazur – founder of
Olivier Vincent – founder of Hipparcos Technologies
Andrea Shillington – founder of
Christian Cotichini – founder of
Jeff Booth – co-founder of
Jason Billingsley – co-founder of Elastic Path and
Barry Allen and Ryley Best – co-founders of
Harry Yeh – founder of Comet Computing
John Vogel – founder of
Brent Holliday – partner at
Bret Conkin – co-founder of
Craig Hunter – Vancouver Manager –
Devon Ash – founder of
Jon Cartright – co-founder of
Andrew Covato – Analytical Lead at
Meredith Powell – CMO of