PayrollHero Team Retreat – Saigon, Vietnam

Ad-ven-ture En-gi-neer-ing
Noun: An unusual and exciting, experience or activity built around a flexible work schedule. 

The PayrollHero team had a retreat this weekend in Saigon, Vietnam. Vietnam is a quick flight from Manila and a fantastic place to visit.  We brought our Whistler team and Manila team together and popped over to Saigon.

At PayrollHero, we believe in “Adventure Engineering” and are committed to not only offering flexible work schedules so that team members can take advantage of “snow days” in Whistler or take “long” weekends to bounce around Southeast Asia but to see the world together. (more on adventure engineering below)

This weekend in Saigon, we fed monkeys and alligators, rode scooters, crawled through the Cu Chi Tunnels, ate frogs, saw the war museum and so much more.

We flew photographer Kris Krug in from Vancouver to document our journey through his lens.  Kris is a rockstar photographer and this is not the first time we have brought him along on a PayrollHero trip.  Last time we did this was to LAUNCH in San Francisco.

Here are just a couple of his photos from Saigon, but to see the whole collection, pop over to our Facebook page and check them out.  Let us know which is your favorite!

PayrollHero Co-Founders Stephen Jagger and Michael Stephenson

Most of the PayrollHero team

Adventure Engineering – We figure there is a small segment of engineers out there who value a challenging and adventurous life. These people tend to share a lot of our core values which we try and reflect in our company with Adventure Engineering:
  • Work from Whistler or Manila (Mountains and Beach / Snow Cones and Mango’s).
  • Have a very flexible schedule so you can explore and play. (Snow and surf days).
  • Learn a ton by travelling and bringing experts to us.
  • Get outside and play together. Season pass and Physical trainers.
  • Eat and drink together; meals at the office and offsite pub nights.
Are you looking for an “adventure engineering job”? Get in touch with us to chat more about what we are up to and how you might fit in to our unique environment.
Stephen Jagger on the Vespa Foodie Tour
PayrollHero Lead Engineer Piotr Banasik going down into the Cu Chi Tunnels
Michael Stephenson firing an AK-47