PayrollHero In metabridge Top 15 Startups 2013

We’re super excited that metabridge has named PayrollHero one of the top 15 startups in Canada. Standing alongside others like Cinecoup and Mover, PayrollHero is proud to be included in such a high calibre group of startups. A big pat on the back to the other 14 on the list. We can’t wait to meet you all!


What is metabridge?

metabridge is a unique initiative that gives 15 top Canadian startups the chance to tap directly into the main vein of the Silicon Valley and its abundance of resources and opportunities.

The metabridge team stacked PayrollHero up against some of the brightest startups in the country, and narrowed us down to the final list of 15. We have a lot to gain from such an opportunity – we’d really like to meet potential international technology partners for investment and connect with awesome mentors and advisors.

Connecting Canada with the Silicon Valley

Kicking off with the metabridge ethos that ‘One Conversation Can Change Your World’, Adam (Product Development (Co-Founder)) and I are jumping right in and attending the Cascadia Pitch Summit on Thursday June 20th and the metabridge 2013 Finale Party on Friday June 21st. We are excited to build new relationships (and friendships) with 34 of the Silicone Valleys greatest minds, in the west coast wine country of Kelowna, British Columbia.

Amongst the chosen 34 VIP leaders who will be at the event, are:


Partner at 500 Startups


CTO of Xero


Vice President, Partner Programs & Channel Sales at Sage

Recap of metabridge 2012

Here’s a look at last years metabridge event. If you’re going to be there get in touch, it’s going to a fun couple of days!

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