How You Can Fill Your Restaurant Using A Website

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 2.20.44 PMWe have been coming to the Philippines since 2008. Travelling all over the region and dining at many different types of establishments.

One thing that I found odd was that many of the restaurants did not have their own web presence. It was common, that I would search Google for “Italian Restaurant Eastwood” or “Sushi in Fort Bonifacio” only to find MunchPunch listings or similar services.

While MunchPunch is a fantastic website and drives lots of traffic to your restaurant, you still need your own website that you control.

In other instances, I have been sent the name of a restaurant for where a lunch of dinner is being held. I would then Google that restaurants name to find their address details so that I can add it to my schedule. More often that not, I’m getting this information from 3rd party websites that are NOT controlled by the restaurant itself. ┬áThis is not a good way to ensure people looking for your business find it.

These days, websites are cost effective to setup and manage. There is no excuse for a restaurant to not have their own.

How do you get started?

1. Buy a domain name ( GoDaddy is one of the cheapest places to do that.

2. Get a basic website setup. You don’t need to get fancy with the design at first, there are lots of template designs that make it very simple. Check out WordPress, Ghost and platforms like Ubertor.

3. Make sure your website has all of the information it needs. We made a handy infographic specifically on this topic, see below:

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