Philippine Payroll Software

Lots of updates happening to our Philippine Payroll Software website over at

To see our platform in action you can view the “how it works” page or for more videos, jump right over to our YouTube channel for lots of videos on Philippine payroll software.

We have broken down the features of our Philippine platform into Philippine Payroll and Time, Attendance and Scheduling. Both breakdown many of the features within our platform.

We have also added Certification for our Philippine payroll software so that your team can get certified on payroll, time/attendance/scheduling and our newest offering – manager training.

For any questions about PayrollHero’s Philippine payroll software, feel free to drop us an email, fill out the form or chat with us on live chat.  We are eager to earn your business.

New Feature: China Bank Payroll Summary and ACA File.

The China Bank Payroll Summary PDF and the China Bank Automatic Credit Arrangement (ACA) files are now available for download from the Forms Page.

You can access them from your Payroll > Reports > Forms page.

China Bank Payroll Summary PDF screenshot:

China Bank Automatic Credit Arrangement file screenshot:


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New Feature: BDO Payroll File Version 2

The new BDO Enrollable Report v2 Form is now available for you to download on PayrollHero!

For customers that need to use the BDO Payroll File v2 you can select the new form on your accounts Payroll > Reports > Forms page.

The new form is called “Philippines: Payroll BDO Payroll Version 2

58810eae-7fa7-4043-b55b-13e3bec7ef29See what other bank files can be generated for the Philippines.

Hotels in Fort Bonifacio, BGC, Taguig

We get asked all of the time what hotels should you consider when coming to the Philippines (ie. Manila, not to one of the islands, that is a different blog post). I recently made a list for an EO event that we are hosting in the coming weeks and thought I would share it here as well.

In Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
There are only a handful of hotels in the Fort (or BGC as some call it) but there are a few opening. Here are the ones currently open;

F1 Best Western –
Not a bad hotel, pricing is usually around $110 – $140 a night an includes breakfast. But check with them for their latest deals.

Seda Hotel –
A boutique hotel right off of High Street. It is usually priced similar to the F1 but has a great roof top bar that can be fun to check out.

Ascott –
The Ascott just opened in the Fort a few days ago.
Not open yet and behind schedule, but when it opens it should be awesome. It is at the other end of High Street from the Seda and looks to be the tallest tower in the Fort.

Grand Hyatt
Also not open, but will be an fantastic addition to the Fort when it does.

How Much Alcohol Can You Bring into Singapore?

Singapore can be expensive, especially when it comes to alcohol. It is highly taxed. A question came up the other day as some of our team was coming into visit the Singapore office – how much alcohol can I bring into Singapore?

Here is a handy image from Singapore customs that lets you know just how much you can bring with you?

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 3.01.51 PM

110056To give you an idea of costs from our three offices. A 750ML bottle of Absolute Vodka costs $19.99 in the Manila, C$24.75 in Whistler and S$49.50 in Singapore.

Convert that all to USD and you are looking at
$19.99 in the Manila
$20.64 in Whistler
$37.30 in Singapore (via Redmart)

So if you are making a trip to Singapore and adult beverages are something you might partake in, might be worth thinking ahead and packing some with you.