Adventure Engineer from the Philippines arrives in Canada


Another one of PayrollHero’s Adventure Engineers has arrived in Canada. Nico Suria, a Philippine native has moved over to our Whistler office as part of his quest for Canadian Residency. I sent Nico a few questions about his experience thus far (he has been there about 1 week) and here is what he had to say:

1. What was the biggest shock when coming to Canada?
A lot of us Asians, especially ones that haven’t been to Canada before, will say the cold. I’ve spent some time in Ontario as a kid so I don’t have the same problem. But.. yup, it was still the cold. 

Also being able to drink directly from the tap. Melted glacier water is yummy.

2. How do you like the weather?
You really just have to dress correctly and, once I got used to it, I had a great time walking around and just enjoying the sights. There’s something about walking the streets of a city like Vancouver or the forest paths of Whistler, all bundled up and with your breath fogging that I find really pleasant.

3. What do you think of Vancouver?
Rainy. I didn’t get to really go out a lot outside Yaletown, and it was only sunny for an hour the whole time I was there but when it did, it was lovely. Looked like there were lots of interesting places and people everywhere.

4. What do you think of Whistler?
I’ve never lived in a small town but I can definitely say that I like it. The weather’s cold but the people are warm and friendly. The place itself is quite beautiful. They’ve done a great job of designing the town to complement nature instead of just building on top of it. All of this and I’ve never even visited the mountains themselves – which people spend heaps of money just to be around of.

5. What do you miss about the Philippines?
Mostly my family and friends. The food (and prices) too.

6. What Filipino thing did you find in Canada that shocked you? 
Well, Filipino’s themselves! They everywhere. I needed a single envelope for mail but the post office only sold them in 50’s so I went to the UPS store to see if they sold singles. The guy just asked me in Tagalog how many I needed and gave it to me for free.

7. How was the process of getting setup? (SIN number, bank, etc)
Let me just say this: with nobody to show me around much less serve as my ‘fixer‘, I was able to 1) Get a post-paid mobile plan with great data, 2) Get a Social Insurance Number, and 3) Open a bank account – all within 12 hours.


Read more about our Adventure Engineers here.

What is an Adventure Engineer, watch below;

We are always hiring.

Adventure Engineers Scatter This Weekend

Our team has been full on the past few months so a few of them took this weekend to see the sights around the region. The timing was was a coincident, but we have PayrollHero #AdventureEngineers in 7 cities around the world today. They are in Hong Kong, Shenyang China, Whistler Canada, Singapore, Manila Philippines, Cebu Philippines and Squamish Canada. Below are a few pictures from their adventures.

Nico Suria is in Hong Kong along with Kieran Peppiatt and their girlfriends seeing the sights, doing a little shopping and taking in some of the local culture.

adventure engineer in hong kong

(Nico in Hong Kong)

adventure engineer kieran in hong kong

IMG_0539.JPG(Kieran Peppiatt in Hong Kong)

Bram Whillock, the very definition of #AdventureEngineer takes his outdoor time to the next level. Today, he can be found in the far off peeks of Whistler mountain in Canada.
whistler mountain ruby on rails engineer(Bram Whillock on Whistler mountain ~
photo by Bradford McArthur of

Aidan Sullivan is in Shenyang, China which is one hour north of Beijing. Shenyang is one of China’s very polluted cities as you can see from the picture below.
aidan in china

(Aidan Sullivan in Shenyang, China)china adventure engineer

(pollution in Shenyang, China)
vince paca in cebu(Vince Paca in Cebu, Philippines)
singapore payroll guys(Michael Stephenson and Adam Baechler in Singapore)

Are you looking to join a hard working team? We are looking for a few people to join our team. Roles available: Event Manager, Content Writer, Ruby on Rails Engineer, Customer Service Specialist, Business Development and Marketing Manager.

Watch our Adventure Engineering video below to learn more about us…

Taking Adventure Engineering To The Next Level

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 8.40.36 AM

Ian Keen and Melinda MacNamara

At PayrollHero we hire what we call #AdventureEngineers (video) and our team takes that to the next level. From taking avalanche courses to setting up an office in Whistler to touring around Southeast Asia we are all in when it comes to adventure.

What is an Adventure Engineer? Noun: An unusual and exciting, experience or activity built around a flexible work schedule.  

As part of our commitment to being ridiculously client focused we are bringing our Whistler team into Southeast Asia for a few weeks of learning, client meetings, ideation sessions and adventure. What is interesting is that one of our colleagues on the iOS team, Ian Keen’s girlfriend is joining him for the trip. It seems that Adventure Engineers hang out with like minded adventurers. Ian’s girlfriend Mindy is coming to Manila and is set to make the best use of her time. She has reached out to a few orphanages and is going to visit the kids, bring them toys, coloring books and the like. She has setup a GoFundMe page to raise $300 with all proceeds going to Manila kids in need.  Check out her page if you want to support her in her adventure.

Hey Guys, I’ll be in Manila for a month and while I am there I am going to volunteer in an orphanage and do some work with street kids. 

I will be buying some colouring books and crayons, basic food and clothing. Any additional funds will also go towards buying things like this. 

I’ll be posting lots of photos of the places I go and the things I buy. 

Help me to directly help the kids in Manila – every cent raised will go straight to the kids. 

Thanks Mindy



PS. We are hiring more adventures, from client services, to iOS, Android and Ruby engineers, get in touch with us if you have the chops to be an #AdventureEngineer.

1000562_639966639349742_1457599326_n 1797464_761509033862168_782238033_n

Are You Ridiculously Client Focused? (HIRING)

00H0H_jpq1cObRYfe_600x450PayrollHero is looking for ridiculously client focussed leaders to build out the Manila Branch of Customer Support.

With branches in Singapore, Manila and Whistler you will be an integral part of an international startup focussed on disrupting the Time, Attendance, Scheduling, Payroll and Business Intelligence space throughout the billion+ workforce of South Asia!

The majority of the PayrollHero cloud software platform is being hand crafted in Canada by an international team of engineers hailing from France, Australia, India, USA, Canada, Vietnam, Scotland and of course there are few Filipinos for good measure. However, our Client Success team are based here in Manila to be closer to our customers.

Swagger in your application if you:

  • Are comfortable with helping businesses succeed
  • Have an understanding or willingness to learn about payroll
  • 1-2 years of experience in customer facing roles.
  • Live in the stretch
  • Have basic typing skills, knowledge of G-Mail, Google Docs, Google Chrome and familiarity with the internet.
  • Excellent English, both verbal and written.

At PayrollHero you must love figuring out how to make people smile! You will wield a variety of online tools (Groove, Gmail, & Nimble) to engage our clients from around the world.

Come help us make a dent in this huge space – every business around the world reels from the pain of payroll every two weeks!

Your compensation starts at ₱20,000/month. After that it is based entirely on your merit. We are looking for leaders to grow this division; this is your opportunity to cultivate happiness and work towards being a partner.

Oh… almost forgot. We’d like to test you before we begin the application process.

Please complete the following task so that we can get an idea of how you will service with our clients…

You are working for a website that helps clients store and manage their client’s contact info. You get the following email from an angry client. The rest of the team is already off for the night and you can’t reach anyone. Please reply to this email you get from an angry client right away:

I tried to log in again today and the log-in still doesn’t work. Nobody is answering your supposedly 24/7 support line and I am getting incredibly frustrated. I stored all of my employee’s phone numbers on your annoying website and now that I can’t access it, I can’t get in touch with my own employees! This is ridiculous and is killing my business. Do you realize how poor your service is? I have been calling for 3 days and still can’t get anyone to fix this for me.
Please get me out of this site but give me back my client’s contact info first!

Please include your reply to Tim in your application to us by email support at Be sure to write a cover letter that is specific to us, we are not down with form letters or random generalized resumes. 

Startup DNA and How To Keep It

Amazon’s Pieter Kemps (Pieter Kemps – Principal, Business Development & Venture Capital, APAC, Amazon Web Services) spoke at the Echelon Conference the other day in Singapore on the topic of “Startup DNA and How To Keep it When You Build Your Company”. Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 3.30.43 PMHe focused his presentation around 3 companies; AirBnB, PayrollHero and Amazon.

Pieter spoke about how we use our culture as an asset when growing our team as well as how our Adventure Engineering concept came to be and why it has worked for us.  At the bottom of this post is a video about our #AdventureEngineering concept that explains more about why we do what we do.

One of the points Pieter made was how we are always hiring. Mike Stephenson has a slide deck on his phone that he uses to pitch prospective employees. It talks about what we are doing, our culture, adventure, living in the stretch as well as our need for A players.

Are you looking for a new challenge? Check out our video below and get in touch as we have opening in Southeast Asia and our Whistler, Canada office.

We Truly Live by the Term #AdventureEngineering at PayrollHero

Last weekend some of our team including Kieran, Adam, Mike and myself got the chance to stay at the Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort to explore the area and experience a new area of the Philippines. Although Kieran, Adam and Mike had finished a TechTalks Cebu the night before, I flew straight from Vancouver over night and after a transfer flight from Manila to Dumaguete finally arrived at the destination to be greeted by smiles and drinks.

Shortly after arriving we ventured to a well known local spot called Tumalog Falls which had a visually stunning water pool formed by the 20 meter high waterfall. As if it could not get better, we also had a picnic arranged by the resort at the base of the falls with a full roasted pig or known as Lechon in Filipino presented with many other eats. The Sumilon Island resort staff provide an incredible level of service and accommodation making our short time there extremely pleasant.

photo 1


photo 2

In the pursuit to experience everything Oslob had to offer, we set out to go whale shark diving. Without a doubt one of the most fun and bizarre experiences to be swimming casually next to such massive creatures, we spent as long as we were allowed in the water. Definitely a new life experience we highly recommend!



Check out our video on #AdventureEngineering to learn more about how we like to create incredible things while still leading a life of new adventures. Contact us if you think you would be a great fit for our team!


Do You Enjoy a Work Hard Play Hard Lifestyle?

photo 2

Today I had a true taste of spring while dirt biking in the mountains above Squamish BC. Waking up early in the morning, 2 of my friends and I loaded up the bikes, fueled the truck and set off for unknown territory and a good start to our Friday. With temperatures rising in the Sea to Sky area between Vancouver and Whistler, the change in activities is easily apparent with multiple trucks holding mountain bikes and the parking lots to the ski areas becoming deserted.

After some serious elevation climbing, we found this beautiful lookout 3000 feet above sea level. After chasing each other through the mountains for hours, we returned back to Whistler where I came to work in our office after what I call an awesome morning. At PayrollHero we truly believe in the work hard play hard mentality and support a balanced lifestyle. We successfully created the opportunity that we call #AdventureEngineer that gives you the chance to work with an innovative start up yet still have the mountains of Whistler as your backdrop or the chance to work in Southeast Asia in our office in Manila, Philippines. If you have not had a chance to watch, check out our video below on what being a part of PayrollHero is all about!

photo 1



Filipino Arrival Learning How To Snowboard #AdventureEngineer

ron adventure engineerRon Maravilla arrived in Whistler from the Philippines 6 months ago and as part of his #AdventureEngineering quest, wanted to learn how to snowboard. Ron had never seen snow and had never been to North America but was not thrown off and set out to learn this cold, winter sport. Ron signed up for some lessons, got some gear and got out there.

I’ve had an awesome time learning to snowboard, I’m on my 4th day and I can now link my turns… not bad for a guy who haven’t seen snow before.” ~ Ron Maravilla

whistler canada adventure engineer

We worked with Ron to get him Canadian Residency and move him to our Whistler office. Are you interested in working with PayrollHero and becoming and #AdventureEngineer? Check out this video for more details;

Why You Should Hang Out With Like Minded Individuals

Some of our team members have started monthly round tables with people from other companies in similar roles. Our Chief Architect, Piotr Banasik is in a CTO Round Table and Brandon Strong is in a Growth Hackers Round Table. The idea is to get people in similar roles together to discuss what is working in their businesses, what is not, share experiences and learn new things together.

Piotr Banasik, Chief Architect at PayrollHero met with his CTO Round Table today for their initial meeting. The group so far includes Eran Kimhi, Director of Operations at Spot SolutionsDirk Reiubold, Engineer at WorkatPlay and Alon Sabi, CTO at FunctionPointAaron Hilton, CTO at Conquer MobileCarl Schmidt, CTO at UnbounceDavid Hobbs, CTO at Two Tall Totems and Numan Sachwani, CTO at 7Geese.

I enjoy sitting down once a month with other technology leaders that are outside of my company so that I can learn from their experiences and share things I’m working it. Having a fresh, outside perspective can be super helpful” – Piotr Banasik, PayrollHero

Are you in the Lower Mainland area and want to join? Reach out to learn more about the group and how you can become a part of it.

IMG_7447(Left to Right – Eran Kimhi, Director of Operations at Spot SolutionsDirk Reiubold, Engineer at WorkatPlayAlon Sabi, CTO at FunctionPoint and Piotr Banasik Chief Architect at PayrollHero) @ FunctionPoint Offices