New and Updated Features in PayrollHero

PayrollHero gets better every day. Feedback from our internal teams and clients help us shape the platform so that it is of more use to all of our clients.  Here are a couple of new or updated features rolled out into the platform today:

1. How to set-up Extra COLA for Regular Holidays
Pursuant to the Philippine Proclamation No. 629, the following rules for COLA shall apply

If worked, the employee should get 200% of COLA or equivalent to Php60.00
If unworked, the employee should get 100% of COLA or equivalent to Php30.00

You can see complete details on this feature here

2. How to Export the Employee Clock ins and outs?

This feature has been in the platform for a long time, but we added the functionality to have the system generate the report in the background and email it to you when it is complete. As larger clients join the PayrollHero platform the report can take a few moments to complete, this feature frees up payroll administrators to continue doing their work while PayrollHero is working behind the scenes.

You can see how the attendance export feature works here