Founders Drinks: Philippines Edition

Last night we attended a cocktail party at Jonathan Swanson‘s condo overlooking the bay. Jonathan is the co-founder of and part of an informal group that meets every few weeks called “Founders Drinks”. Last night was dubbed “Founders Drinks: Philippines Edition” as everyone invited had something to do with Philippine workers in one way or another.  It was a great event bringing together over 40 founders.

Along with Jonathan, the other organizers were Jamie Wong of Vayable, Jen O’Neal of Tripping, Liz Knopf of Sorced and Jessica Scorpio of Getaround.  On the invite list was people from all sorts of interesting startups, including Hotel TonightHuddleKlout, SponsorfiedSocializeQwikiUdemyTaggedCrowdFlowerMinted and quite a few more.

Our pals at, who moved into the Payroll Hero house for a night while they were in town supplied the beer and wine for the event!  (Thanks Bryce and Jaspar!)

(Nice thank you gift left at our house from


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