PayrollHero One Of Top 15 Companies In BCIC New Ventures Competition

The BCIC announced the other day that PayrollHero was one of the top 15 companies in the BCIC New Ventures Competition.  There were over 100 companies in the competition and BCIC choose 15 as the top 15 companies and then had a mini pitch competition to add an additional 10 companies leaving only 25 companies left.

The final 10 companies moving on to Round 3 of the competition have been announced and they are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Backyard BC
  2. ESL Explorer
  3. Mazza Innovation Ltd.
  4. MyBestHelper
  5. NaviDent Technologies Inc.
  6. Shared Desks (AppQii Technology Inc.)
  7. SterileCare Inc.
  8. Network Inc.
  9. WTFast
  10. ZellChip Technologies Inc.

These companies join the fifteen Round 3 companies previously selected and listed below alphabetically making a total of 25 companies in Round 3.

  1. 3D Gateway Solutions Inc
  2. Big Mama Student Services Ltd
  3. Contract Tailor
  4. EVT Power Inc.
  5. Kairama Inc.
  6. MediaCore Technologies Inc.
  7. MobiSafe Systems Inc.
  8. NeuroMash
  9. NFC Interactive Inc. (Formerly Smart Button Technologies Ltd.)
  11. Pixton Comics Inc.
  12. Pug Pharm Productions Inc
  13. semiosBIO Technologies Inc
  14. Twothirds Water
  15. Warranty Life
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