PHRug Monthly Meetup: Backbone Orientation (Manila)

Last May 31, 2012, newbies and seniors from renowned tech companies flocked to our PHRug Monthly Meetup hoping to deepen their knowledge regarding Backbone.

Guests from companies such as Friendster, AELogica, Clinic-IT, Devez, EngineYard and more, as well as a handful of freelancers were present for this much awaited meet-up.

Not surprisingly, a good number of representatives from the top Ruby dev shops in the Philippines were present as well.

The meetup was spearheaded by PayrollHero’s own senior developers Suman Mukherjee and Piotr Banasik, both core members of PayrollHero’s talented dev team.

The first half of the meetup was dedicated to learning more about “backbone”, as presented by Suman. He tackled subjects like the conditions in which backbone may be used to single page web apps and a few workaround in backbone. He also gave some good practices, tips and suggestions in the use of JavaScript and showed a practical example of how PayrollHero has used backbone for its features.

Our head developer, Piotr Banasik, capped off the meet-up with a discussion regarding Chef for automating server set-up and deployment.

The talk aimed to provide peer developers, especially our own PayrollHero developers, an overview of the usage of Backbone.

The agenda proved to be fruitful as members of the audience expressed their gratitude stating that it was a great help since they were not quite familiar with some workarounds, documentations, design patterns and good practices regarding backbone.

After the talk and a pizza dinner, the guests were given a tour around the office and some could not help but admit that they were quite impressed with PayrollHero’s Kanban boards, strategies and procedures. They marveled at the office set up and some were given a demonstration of some of PayrollHero’s functions.

Though they were not present for the meet-up, representatives from Amazon Web Services also dropped by to have a quick tour of our office.

The night ended well as developers and tech geeks alike mingled and engaged in various discussions regarding their current learnings and their insights.

(So cheers to another successful meet-up and we are looking forward to seeing more of you soon.)

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