Do You Work to Live or Live to Work?

I find myself reflecting on past travels from time to time…

Today I was reminded of a vivid bar night that took place while visiting some friends studying at the Sorbonne. It was 4am and I got into a conversation with a Swiss-German Tech Entrepreneur over how Europeans Work to Live while he thought that North Americans Live to Work.

I like to think we build companies with the spirit of Let My People Go Surfing.

So, how does “working to live” get implemented at the Whistler Office?

I guess like all things – It all depends…

There are many work schedule options anyone can elect to participate in including:
  • 4×10; three day “weekend” every week.
  • 5×9 and take every other Friday off.
  • Late morning start so you can ride the powder.
  • Work weekends and play weekdays when the hills are bare.
Pretty much we’re open for anything as long as you:
  • Have consensus with your pair if you are pairing on a new critical feature.
  • You attend the Weekly Engineering Meeting (Monday’s 15:07-16:07).
  • You present at the daily huddle on the days you are working 16:37-16:52.
  • If you are working on a new feature; you would be expected to attend all ideation meetings.
We understand and encourage the need for flexibility on snow days in the winter and 30 degree+ days in the summer.
What sort of work schedule would you be interested in?

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