PayrollHero Welcomes its First Engineer in Residence!

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 6.41.10 PMDane Natoli is the newest member to join the Payroll Hero team here in Whistler! Dane grew up in Melbourne, Australia but experienced the Whistler lifestyle for the first time in the 09/10 season during the craziness of the Winter Olympics. After the Whistler Olympics he returned home to Melbourne, Australia and re joined his job as the Software Team Lead for the Agile development shop, Lambda Software. This was all made possible by his Computer Science Degree that he received from RMIT 2007. To add to his extensive resume he also has created a website called Yaktracker, which follows his adventurous friends on their journey to drive from London, England to Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.

It’s not all work and no play for Dane! He is a huge fan of the slopes when he’s not found having a brew or enjoying some couch time with his Xbox. Lucky for Dane he is now able to put all his passions to use.

Dane joins us as apart of EIR, Engineers in Residence program. Designed to further the cultivation of one of our Engineering Core Values “Thirst for Learning”. We’ve experience that rotating engineers from different cultural backgrounds and experiences brings more to the table and enables us to continue to be agile and introduces us to different lines of thinking.

We are overjoyed to welcome Dane to our team, he is going to be a huge help. We look forward to having Dane be apart of our team and bring his personal ‘land from down under’ approach to his work life.

Oh.. what’s the deal with boots? We thought it was funny that it is common form in Whistler to leave your winter boots at the door and swap into slippers just like Mr. Rogers – no one wants a puddle at their desk.

Wanna explore a fit with the Whistler Engineering Team? We are always looking for new teammates to learn, explore and adventure with; be it at one of our offices and when playing outside! Just drop me a line and let’s chat.