Welcome Bram Whillock!


PayrollHero is proud to announce the addition of Bram to our team who hails from San Francisco as one of our new talented engineers.  We are very excited for our team to keep growing, welcome Bram to our Whistler office!

“Hi, I’m Bram but a lot of people call me Bramski.  I can best be described as a rugged adventurer.  I’m often to be found skiing steep snow on jagged mountains or climbing   even steeper cliff faces.  I spent 2 years of my life traveling the world west to east and my adventure resume not only includes some of the coolest mountains on the planet but also some of the more remote peoples and cultures.

I’m 30 years old and have been developing software for the web for the last 15 years both as an entrepreneur at small companies and a professional at bigger ventures.  I studied Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon where I focused in new ideas and research in computer and network security where I have some published work.

For me working for PayrollHero and living in Whistler is a dream realized.  Cutting edge technology, a great team, and an amazing place to be and live everyday.  You can find me living the dream either here at my desk or out in the wonderful mountains of BC.”


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