Happy Employees Save you Money


“When employees feel that the company takes their interest to heart, then the employees will take company interests to heart” Noelle C. Nelson from her book Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy.

It seems that most companies have heard or been taught how happy employees save your company money but few have changed their regimens or implemented any real tactics to help.  Looking at the statistic in the photo above however, you may place a bit more priority on the issue.  Focusing on only the monetary benefits is eye opening but it is truly the qualitative benefits that derive from a happy workforce that stand out.

Making your employees happy by providing a quality work environment and dependable resources will improve productivity, engagement, results, idea creation and creativity. When I mention dependable resources I am also referring to pay. Arguably one of the most basic crucial requirements someone working has. Anyone who has been waiting on a company to receive a pay check that never seems dependable or always late can highly damage the loyalty an employee feels to their firm. We like to help eliminate this for our customers by creating a dependable payroll solution that ensures timeliness and abundant data that employees need like previous pay stubs, vacation hours, taxes, change of address and a schedule that is viewable anywhere in the world. You must improve your employees work life as much as possible; prove your company has compassion and is held accountable to your word and they will reward you with results. Your company will save money in productivity right before your eyes with a ramped up work force that feel a part of something. Take a look at PayrollHero.com to see how our platform and time attendance app TeamClock can help simplify your business and keep your valuable employees smiling everyday. We thrive on helping business owners learn more about their company to help grow it and improve work life for employees across the globe using PayrollHero.