Benefits of SaaS | Payroll Software

PayrollHero is hiringIn the past, businesses would buy, build and maintain their own software and infrastructures despite the massive costs that went along with that. Software as a Service (SaaS) now gives companies a choice when upgrading their technical requirements. Now they can subscribe to services that are built on shared infrastructure through the internet. SaaS businesses have been expanding in a big way as more and more companies take advantage of the many benefits.

Instead of buying servers, companies use platforms like Amazon’s AWS.
Instead of buying a sales crm, companies use tools like PipelineDeals.
Instead of building a email tool, businesses use tools like MailChimp.

The list goes on and on.

Here are some benefits of moving your payroll needs to a software as a service platform like PayrollHero:

– High Adoption –
SaaS products are available from any computer connected to the internet. For PayrollHero, your team is not stuck managing payroll from a specific computer that has the software installed, instead they can access it from anywhere in the world.

– Lower Initial Costs –
PayrollHero’s SaaS model lets you scale up and down as needed. Our billing is based on the number of active employees within your business, plus, it is billed per day the employee is active.

– Painless Upgrades –
SaaS enables you to constantly get the newest features, bug fixes and enhancements quickly and easily. With PayrollHero, you can see what is happening by checking out our release notes.

– Seemless Integration – 
Many SaaS companies provide API’s so that you can tie one product into another. PayrollHero is no different, with an extensive API, you can make PayrollHero work with many other tools within your business. Some of our clients have integrated PayrollHero with Quickbooks, Workday, Zapier and much more.

Interested in learning more? Reach out and we would be pleased to chat further about how PayrollHero’s Singapore payroll software, Philippine payroll software works as well as how our international time and attendance tools can help you take control of your business.