How PayrollHero Started

Wondering how PayrollHero started? It was way waaaay back in 2009 really 😉
Mike and Steve have been business partners since 2000, for 24 years!

r/payrollhero - How PayrollHero Started

Stephen Jagger (left) and Mike Stephenson (right)

Mike is half Filipino, his mother moved to Canada and met Mike’s dad who was originally from the UK.

Steve and Mike ran a company called Outsourcing Things Done and need something to pay and track their staff. They couldn’t find anything in the Philippines so they decided to create their own with the help of Filipino accountants and developers hired within their small BPO company in 2009.

They showed it to a friend who really wanted to use it for themselves and thus PayrollHero was founded!

Here’s a quick video from Steve on the history behind PayrollHero ~

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