50 Coffees: Dick Hardt

I have met up with Dick a few times in Vancouver and had the opportunity to see him speak.  So when we arrived down in San Francisco, he was one of the first people I reached out to as he has been living down here for quite some time.  Dick responded to my email and suggested we meet up soon as he was going back to British Columbia in the coming days.  So, Mike and I took the opportunity to meet with Dick and drove across town to meet him.

Dick Hardt is a seasoned entrepeneur with a few businesses under his belt.  He was the founder of Active State (which Sophos bought in 2003) and founder of Sxip Identity.  He also had a stint at Microsoft and has been doing some public speaking over the years.  (his most famous talk is here)

It was great to meet up with Dick to learn about his experiences in the US and how he had made his way through the VC landscape.

(50 Coffees)

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