500 Copies of The Lean Startup By Eric Ries

When Eric Ries new book, The Lean Startup, was about the be launched, he put up 3 unique packages online.  All were bulk book deals with some “extras” added in.  We bought the single “Luxr Bonus Package” which included 500 copies of The Lean Startup, entrance to the Luxr program, 4 hours with Eric Ries and much much more.  This purchase triggered our move to San Francisco, the return of some of our team from Manila and a laser focus on getting PayrollHero launched in North America by year end.

If you want a copy of The Lean Startup, drop your email address in here, we will be selecting a few and sending them free copies of the book in the coming weeks.

Here is what 500 copies looks like packed into a car:

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