50 Coffees: Mark Goines of Morgenthaler

Mike and I met up with Mark Goines and Kyle Doherty of Morgenthaler today in downtown San Francisco.  Mark was introduced to us through Kartik Raghavan as someone we should chat with as he has lots of domain expertise in the payroll / tax world.

“Prior to joining Morgenthaler, Mark was a successful angel investor. His investments included two Morgenthaler portfolio companies, Pageonce and Practice Fusion. He currently represents Morgenthaler on the Practice Fusion board.  Previously, Mark helped build and ran Intuit’s Consumer Tax business (TurboTax). He also served as Senior Vice President of Intuit’s International Division, managing businesses on every continent, creating new products, acquiring companies and building partnerships. He then served as General Manager of Intuit’s Consumer Division and helped generate over $200 million in annual revenues, serving 15 million customers across a broad range of software and e-commerce services by 2000.” (source)

(50 Coffees)