PayrollHero’s Office iPad Setup

To make clocking in easy and breezy for our employees, we have our iPads placed on iPad stands that are plugged and charged day in and day out. This is to ensure that employees working in any shift will have the ease of clocking in any time of the day .

Our iPads are situated strategically right before our work area so that employees pass by them right before they start work and when they are about to leave.

Ipad Stands Ipad Stand Back

Check out the nifty and handy iPad stands the PayrollHero team uses to jazz up our clock in and clock out experiences.

Mophie Powerstand Ipad 2 and Ipad
M/N: PWRSTD-IPAD      Max 10.5wh
Input 5V = 2.1A  Output 5V = 2.1A

Ipad Mophie Power Stand

Apple Ipad Dock Model Number: A1352

Charger: Monoprice Model: Cube-2   AC 100V 50/60 Hz

Apple Ipad Dock

Hoverbar by Twelvesouth

Hoverbar Twelve SouthHoverbar Ipad

PayrollHero Daily Standup Meetings

Every morning (or afternoon depending on which office you are in) we run a daily standup meeting with the entire PayrollHero team.  The idea is to keep the team in the know about what happened yesterday, what your working on today and anything that is blocking you from completing your work.

This morning, we took our standup meeting to the new Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf cafe across the street from our office in Manila as it was in its last week of prep, before they open the store on November 3rd 2012.   Here are a couple pictures: