Our Engineering Best Practices – what are yours?

This blog post is not for the average PayrollHero user, fan or follower, and not for the faint of heart – we must warn you that it’s quite technical!

However, we would love feedback/comments from you developers/programmers/techies out there!

photoAs a bit of background, the PayrollHero Engineering team has a mandatory weekly meeting with every Engineer in attendance. We use that meeting as a forum to work out any issues we’re having, or discuss stuff that’s been bugging us, and even set policies.

We wrote out some of the best practices we already have in use, and some more that we may want to adopt, and then we voted them in as standards for the team, which will essentially becomes our constitution. Our goal is that these Best Practices will help us create higher quality code, and at the same time avoid some typical internal conflicts.

This list is a work in progress, and every other week we agree to add or modify items. I’ve pasted them here below the break since it’s quite a list!

We’d like to invite feedback on this list. Where this stacks up against stuff your developers/programmers/engineers do? Your comments are welcome, please let us know what you think.

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PayrollHero Manila Bootcamp Recap

bootcampWe ran the first PayrollHero bootcamp in Manila, Philippines the other day and it was a great success.  We had a full house of customers interested in learning more about the PayrollHero platform and how the time, attendance, scheduling and payroll functionality works within their operations.  Below are a few pictures from the event… hopefully you can make our next bootcamp!


(above: Nick Franklin, Zendesk Head of Southeast Asia Sales dropped by to showcase the Zendesk product)

535800_584451858234554_1951771095_n(above: Anna, Cres and Tin, PayrollHero bootcamp leaders)
541233_584423674904039_2134292382_n(above: Tin getting the bootcamp setup)