PayrollHero Welcomes Faburrito!

uploaded20130602-10134-1rhmhna20130602-10134-8tdcopFaburrito Fresh Mexican Grills became PayrollHero clients a few months ago and their team has been really enjoying it.  PayrollHero’s platform helps the Faburrito team take care of their time, attendance, scheduling and Philippine payroll.  As you can see from some of the employee’s clock in photos – they really enjoy the process! (just look at some of their clock in photos)

Faburrito is a young company that was founded in 2011 and as we are growing, we have tough challenges, one of them is to keep our Human Resource organised. So, I started to open up our main office to support our restaurants in the field and I really had a hard time finding a good HR person who will take in charge with all Payroll, Scheduling, Benefits & Others – Good thing I found PayrollHero who has been helping both the company and the employees in many ways.”
– Chester Alfaro, Support Center Manager, Faburrito
uploaded20130612-21855-1pazt3j20130612-21855-oh4nti uploaded20130614-26582-1h1hozl20130614-26582-5qzq90Do you have a restaurant in the Philippines that needs a payroll solution?  Do you want to utilize PayrollHero’s time, attendance, scheduling and payroll platform within your restaurant business? Reach out to our client happiness team for more details.
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