Webinar: Engage Your Employees and Improve HR Processes


Join me this Thursday April 10th at 1pm Philippine time to show you how we changed the way your employees interact with your company and how HR is even happier with the time savings and efficiency. This free webinar only requires you to sign up to save your seat and a secure internet connection for Skype to work well. I will personally email you after you sign up to request your Skype name.

When: April 10 2014 @ 1pm Philippine Time
Where: Skype

What will you learn?

– How PayrollHero’s selfie clock in eliminates buddy punching and ghost employees
– How to schedule your hourly employees quickly and easily
– How automation works to make managing your team easier
– How resolving attendance infractions is quick, easy and in real time
– How our transparent, real time analytics helps your employees change their attendance behaviour
– How our multi-worksite functionality enables you to monitor your growing team
– How PayrollHero makes your managers job easier by sending out automated, timely emails based on attendance infractions
– How our human resources information system (HRIS) systemizes your HR team

PayrollHero Swimming With Whale Sharks, Oslob, Philippines

Some of the PayrollHero team went swimming with whale sharks in Oslob, Philippines this past weekend. Oslob is about a three and a half hour drive from Cebu which is the second largest city in the Philippines. At the whale shark area of Oslob, you pay about $50 (including transportation) to get into the water and swim with 8 to 20 whale sharks. The number changes each day.  You can see a quick video below that shows how massive these sharks are:

At PayrollHero we work to hire what we call #AdventureEngineers. Basically team members who want to work hard and play hard. Check out our Adventure Engineer interview video below: