Have you ever wondered if your employees are costing you money from budging hours?

webinar5Let us show you how to make buddy punching and time theft stop. Join me this Thursday April 3 for our Webinar about time attendance, worksites and managing schedules. I will show how our platform can ensure nobody is costing you more money than you should be paying. This free webinar only requires you to sign up to save your seat and a secure internet connection for skype to work well.

When: April 3rd 2014 @ 1pm Philippine Time
Where: Skype

What will you learn?

– How PayrollHero’s selfie clock in eliminates buddy punching and ghost employees
– How to schedule your hourly employees quickly and easily
– How automation works to make managing your team easier
– How resolving attendance infractions is quick, easy and in real time
– How our transparent, real time analytics helps your employees change their attendance behaviour
– How our multi-worksite functionality enables you to monitor your growing team
– How PayrollHero makes your managers job easier by sending out automated, timely emails based on attendance infractions
– How our human resources information system (HRIS) systemizes your HR team

PayrollHero Update: HTML5 Camera

Great News! – The PayrollHero PhotoBooth has been rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of the latest technology from Google. We’re about to rollout a new PhotoBooth for both the MyClock Web and TeamClock Web and it utilizes a HTML 5 camera.

This will make the MyClock Web and TeamClock Web pages even faster and smoother on your Google Chrome Browser.

This means we are no longer using Adobe Flash to power the Camera and all the prior manual Flash configuration settings have been replaced with a single, one-time click of the Allow button the first time you use it.

More details here.

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Manila Founders Dinner; Champetre

founders dinnerEvery few weeks we organize “founders dinners” in different cities around the world. The idea is to bring together entrepreneurs who are working on interesting projects to learn from each other, share stories and enjoy a meal. We have organized these dinner in Vancouver, Whistler, Seattle, San Francisco, Manila and Singapore.

Last nights dinner was at Champetre, one of the oldest restaurants in Fort Bonifacio, Philippines and a fantastic choice. Marc the French owner/chef has a solid menu with lots of options for all tastes.

In attendance were Bryce Maddock CEO of Taskus.com, Adam Keogh GM of Employers Mutual, Rafael Romualdez, JP Werlin CEO of Pipeline Deals, Nick Franklin MD of Asia for Zendesk, Mark Yu CFO of SeaOil and myself.

How To Hack An Event To Get The Most Out of a Speaker


Some of our team members including Mike Stephenson, Adam Baechler, Ron Maravilla and myself attended the Vancouver Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) event today which was led by Jack Daly, world renown sales expert and coach. We had the honour of being able to showcase our product and meet with other business professionals from diverse industries. As a fun and exciting way to surprise everyone, we set up our iOS TeamClock app to have almost everyone that RSVP’d for the event in a PayrollHero account setup as an employee and ready to clock in. Seeing the surprised look on peoples face to see their own photo was quite entertaining!

The focus of Jack’s presentation was around smart selling in regards to creating leveraged growth with systems & processes. Through his 50 years of sales experience, Jack has more knowledge and passion for the subject that anyone you have ever met. He kept everyone engaged, inspired and laughing with his charisma and insightful techniques in the sales management arena.

How To Hack An Event To Get The Most Out of a Speaker;
Knowing Jack to be extremely sought after for events with a very busy schedule, we worked hard to arrange in advance that we could provide him with a ride to the airport on us to both thank him for his time in Vancouver and pick his brain on subjects of importance to our team. Always being the true professional, we learned more about his background and personal experiences while still finding time to give us direct feedback on our companies objectives, systems and requirements. As a group we can all agree Jack is a magnificent speaker and coach on sales and we highly recommend him for your next conference. Check out his site for more information!

This is not the first time we have used this technique to get more face time with someone. PayrollHero co-founder Steve Jagger once offered to drive a member of the media to work after she mentioned on Twitter that buses were not running due to snow. Steve jumped at the opportunity to meet with her, learn more about what she was writing and talk more about our company. He offered to drive her to work as he was “on his way downtown”. Which of course he was not, but took the opportunity to meet up with her.

Another time, Lean Startup visionary Eric Ries was in Whistler, Canada with his wife for work and tweeted that he had some downtime. This was long before we had an office in Whistler, Steve responded on Twitter that he and Mike would love to meet up for a beer. Eric responded that he could do that, thinking that we were in Whistler as well. They hopped into their car in Vancouver and drove an hour to Whistler to meet up with him.

Moral of the story, we keep our eyes open for opportunity and are not afraid to hustle!

Here are some more photos from the EO Vancouver event with Jack Daly

booth2 Jean Loic Jason Lindstrom jack dalyteamclock

Upcoming: Time And Attendance Webinar


Join Brandon for the next Time, Attendance and Scheduling webinar. This free webinar is designed to showcase how PayrollHero works, how you can use it within your business and answer any questions that you have.

When: March 28th 2014 @ 11:00 Philippine Time
Where: Skype

What will you learn?

– How PayrollHero’s selfie clock in eliminates buddy punching and ghost employees
– How to schedule your hourly employees quickly and easily
– How automation works to make managing your team easier
– How resolving attendance infractions is quick, easy and in real time
– How our transparent, real time analytics helps your employees change their attendance behaviour
– How our multi-worksite functionality enables you to monitor your growing team
– How PayrollHero makes your managers job easier by sending out automated, timely emails based on attendance infractions
– How our human resources information system (HRIS) systemizes your HR team

Plus much much more. Sign up!

One of our #AdventureEngineers happens to be a pretty advanced skier!


Bram Whillock, a senior web developer at our company takes full advantage of what Whistler offers for skiing. Often coming into the office with a grin on his face and a sun tan from being on the summit of some of the highest peaks in the province, Bram is the epitome of balancing work with play. A few days ago Bram shadowed with a local company that teaches and certifies individuals with their Avalanche Course training. In his pursuit to be a professional ski guide with full certification, he helped hands on with the 3 day program that involved some in classroom learning and 2 days of being on the mountain evaluating snow pack and common avalanche triggers.

Are you interest in being an #AdventureEngineer? Contact us if you have interest in learning more about PayrollHero.

What is an Adventure Engineer?

New Website: PayrollHero.ph for Philippine Payroll

philippine payroll software

PayrollHero continues to grow. Recently we refreshed PayrollHero.com, our website dedicated to time, attendance, scheduling, HRIS and analytics for companies based anywhere in the world.

Today we are launching PayrollHero.ph, a website built specifically for the Philippine market that explains how PayrollHero’s Philippine payroll platform works.

You can see lots of detail about how our Philippine payroll platform works, example payslips, how the time and attendance platform works seamlessly with the Philippine payroll platform.

We have another new team member Justin!

justin (1)Justin joins our PayrollHero Whistler office as a Client Success Hero with our support team. Despite being a Vancouver native now, he hails from the Philippines and brings our team an array of helpful attributes. Welcome Justin!

“I’m Justin, 25 years old and I can fit in your pocket! My motto has always been “Less is More.”

I moved to Vancouver from the Philippines in 1995 with my single mother and two older siblings. Fast forward: continuous soul searching, plenty of mistakes along the way, living off Craigslist gigs, and even worked as a VW/Audi mechanic at some point.

Now I live a purpose driven life that aligns my musical calling, with my spiritual calling.

You can catch me making beats in my man cave, DJ’ing at local/international nightclubs, weight training, being in the great outdoors and most importantly, building my relationships with the people who matter most to me.
I’ve had experience in many different fields, but the common denominator is this: Helping others. PayrollHero seems to be aligned with the same mentality of changing and helping how people live and work in the business world. That is why I’m more than excited to be part of such a passionate, driven, and most of all, friendly team! Thank you for reading!”

CBTL Brunei and East Malaysia Launch PayrollHero

CBTL-payrollheroWe are pleased to announce that The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf franchisees in Brunei and East Malaysia have chosen PayrollHero for their time, attendance, scheduling, HRIS and analytics needs for their multi-location coffee shop chains.

PayrollHero’s platform is perfect for multi-location food and beverage businesses that are in need of a time, attendance and scheduling platform that is cloud based and delivers real time analytics and reports.

“PayrollHero changed the way we manage our business. Before PayrollHero our payroll admin worked tirelessly to complete attendance calculations so that payroll could be run on time. Now, with PayrollHero it is a dream, our numbers are already calculated as they do it in real time as our team members clock in and out from their shifts, and pulling reports is quick and easy. We are big fans of PayrollHero and are now expanding it into our other brands.” 

Khairul Nidzam Bin Abu Bakar, General Manager
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Brunei
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf East Malaysia

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Brunei and East Malaysia management team with Stephen Jagger of PayrollHero

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Brunei and East Malaysia management team with Stephen Jagger of PayrollHero.com