New: Employee Financial Institution Enrolment Authentication Policy

security payroll softwareAs we continue to expand our payroll software platform we are adding a new function to our onboarding process. Now, when a new customer is onboarded or a customer adds a new employee to their account they can authenticate their employees bank accounts. This will ensure that the right employee is paid when running payroll and eliminate any issues or fraud, ghost employees or data entry errors when dealing with financial institutions.

The policy is being added to our terms of service but you can read it below:

PayrollHero’s platform enables clients to authenticate all employee’s bank accounts by doing two deposits of random amounts into each employees bank account. The employee then confirms the deposit amounts within PayrollHero to verify that their bank account is correct.

This process ensures that the right employee is paid the right amount into the right financial institution account.  

If the client has completed this process and their is an issue with the bank deposits, PayrollHero will apply the following service credits to the clients PayrollHero account:

– 100% of their month’s fees will be credited on their next invoice

If the client has NOT completed this process and their is an issue related to bank accounts receiving an incorrect amount, the client is completely responsible.

Upcoming: Time And Attendance Webinar


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– How PayrollHero’s selfie clock in eliminates buddy punching and ghost employees
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– How our transparent, real time analytics helps your employees change their attendance behaviour
– How our multi-worksite functionality enables you to monitor your growing team
– How PayrollHero makes your managers job easier by sending out automated, timely emails based on attendance infractions
– How our human resources information system (HRIS) systemizes your HR team

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In The News: Ghost Employee Round Up

Ghost employees are a worldwide problem… every once in a while we take a look at Google News to see what is happening in the world of ghost employee fraud. Here is what we found today from New York, Manila and Philadelphia.

City to recoup $1.4 million from custodians’ “ghost employee” scheme
“…two Bronx high school custodians had defrauded the city out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by listing “no-show” employees on their payrolls, the city announced a deal to get the money back.” (more)

Human rights commissioner suspended for ‘grave misconduct’
“There were also complaints of Quisumbing requesting and accepting a share of her staff’s salary, and employing and maintaining ghost employees.” (more)

CITY HALL SAM: Unions Back Boyle, Evans Backs Wolf, Kane Backs Himself
“STATE REP. J.P. MIRANDA was indicted on charges of using ghost employees in his district office. The new State Representative will have a chance to explain himself, but the vultures are already flying around his State Rep seat.” (more)

Ghost-employee-cartoon(image source)


5 Old School Ways To Track Employee Attendance

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.27.50 AMCompanies all over the world want (read: need) to keep track of employees time. From being aware of their start time / end time, to knowing how late or early they are from their scheduled time, knowing the time and attendance of employees is important.  There are many ways companies try and achieve this;

1. Traditional Punch Clock
2. Manual Hand Written Journal
3. Excel / Google Doc for Attendance
4. Bio-metrics (finger scanner)
5. Honor System

Each have their drawbacks and 4 out of 5 enable massive fraud. Time theft is a big problem in companies and adds up quickly. Imagine an employee who is 5 minutes late for work and leaves 4 minutes early. 9 minutes a day, times 5 days, times 52 weeks is 39 hours a year in paid but unworked time.  Almost a full week!  Now imagine you have multiple employees doing this.  How much time theft is your company allowing?

Check out PayrollHero’s Time, Attendance, Scheduling and Analytics platform – we eliminate buddy punching, ghost employees and make it fun for employees to clock in and out for work.

Ghost Employees, A Worldwide Problem

A round up of a few ghost employee related articles from Google news.

Detroit, USA – “Detroit Mayor Dave Bing was among the first in line at 7:30 Friday morning to produce identification to prove he is who he says he is” (Article)

St. Louis, USA – “Former employees told the FBI that St. Louis Treasurer Larry Williams not only knew about ghost, or no-show, employees on the payroll, he looked out for them…” (Article)

Nigeria – “no less than 17,000 ghost workers have been uncovered in the Power Holding Company of Nigeria” (Article)

Zimbabwe – “The government could have been defrauded of about US$50 million” (Article)

Windsor, Canada – “Ontario civil servants earning more than $100,000 didn’t even work at their public sector jobs last year.” (Article)