PayrollHero’s 1st Payroll Certification Course

tenkiebox payroll philippinesToday our friends at New Leaf Ventures ran the first Payroll Certification course. The TAS Certification (TAS = Time, Attendance and Scheduling) certification has been running successfully for quite a few months and part of our commitment to education we have added the next certification – payroll.

PayrollHero’s Payroll Certification is a one day intensive course designed to get your payroll and HR administrators up to speed with not only how to run payroll on PayrollHero but ensure they have a general understanding of payroll processing in the Philippines. To pass, you must complete the course with 100% accuracy – just like running a real payroll.

Jennifer from TenkieBox is the first graduate of the Payroll Certification – congratulations Jennifer!

If you or your team is interested in signing up for the next payroll certification, contact us and we will let you know the upcoming dates and complete details.