Wink Laser Studios Experience on PayrollHero

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Holly Chang, the owner of the Wink Laser Studios across metro Manila provided some great feedback about her experience with PayrollHero and how our Philippine payroll software has helped her run her ever expanding business.

Here is a quick Q/A with Holly about her experience: 

1. What was your biggest challenge when it came to employee management before using PayrollHero? How has this changed since you started using PayrollHero?

Dealing with shift and schedule changes was a nightmare. Even when we only had 8 employees, it was difficult to keep track. I don’t recall there ever being a time where I didn’t see the word ‘Adjustment’ on someone’s payslip. With Payroll Hero everything is just more organized, it’s easy to go back a few months and see breakdowns of deductions and adjustments, and even the exact details of schedule changes and who approved what.

2. What do you appreciate most about the platform? Do you have any favorite features?

Two things I love most about Payroll Hero: a) how it’s constantly improving by adding new features that its users need, and b) how easy it is to ask for and get help. Support is an essential when using a new platform. Everyone I’ve emailed has always been helpful and quick to respond, which is so important especially when you’re only hours away from releasing a payroll! My favorite features are the shift calendar and payments. It’s great to be able to pull up an employee’s name, see a breakdown of any payments or deductions that have been made in the past, or even schedule payments for future deductions.

3. What can you say about the onboarding experience?

Admittedly, training was tough. You basically spend two whole days staring at the platform just learning about it, not even setting up your own account. It took us another month to get used to everything, just because there are so many features and so many different ways to use the platform. So it was difficult, but necessary. I don’t think I’d be able to fully utilize or appreciate the platform without the two-day training.

“Everyone at Wink is having a blast with PayrollHero. We implemented the system almost 1 year ago and it has been a great success. Our employees love the selfie clock in and the accuracy of the system and speed of which we run payroll has been great in helping us streamline our business as we continue to grow.”  Holly Chang, Owner Wink Laser Studios


PayrollHero’s 1st Payroll Certification Course

tenkiebox payroll philippinesToday our friends at New Leaf Ventures ran the first Payroll Certification course. The TAS Certification (TAS = Time, Attendance and Scheduling) certification has been running successfully for quite a few months and part of our commitment to education we have added the next certification – payroll.

PayrollHero’s Payroll Certification is a one day intensive course designed to get your payroll and HR administrators up to speed with not only how to run payroll on PayrollHero but ensure they have a general understanding of payroll processing in the Philippines. To pass, you must complete the course with 100% accuracy – just like running a real payroll.

Jennifer from TenkieBox is the first graduate of the Payroll Certification – congratulations Jennifer!

If you or your team is interested in signing up for the next payroll certification, contact us and we will let you know the upcoming dates and complete details.


Michael Stephenson, PayrollHero CEO at next Better Business Brunch (Manila)

10501859_776869952357099_1761429434021419472_nNew Leaf Ventures is gearing up for another round of the BETTER BUSINESS BRUNCH!

Join us in our FIRST EVER rapid-round talks with speakers David Bonifacio, Michael Stephenson, Boris Joaquin, and Jhoanna Gan-So!

They will be talking about bringing the “human” back in human resources – focusing on HR’s role as the advocate of the employee.

Reserve your slot now using this link –

See you there!!

July PayrollHero Unwrapped Caravan (CBTL, Philippines)

july caravan.jpg

PayrollHero’s Unwrapped Caravan is back in the Philippines for July and now is your chance to register. Our partners at New Leaf Ventures will be touring around Metro Manila showcasing PayrollHero at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf locations.

Want to join in? Register here. Don’t worry, they are free and a great way to see a live demo of PayrollHero and to learn more about how our time, attendance, scheduling, HRIS and Philippine payroll platform works.

Check out what Mita, from New Leaf Ventures has to say…

Recap: Happy at Work Conference (Makati, Philippines)


PayrollHero was represented well at the Happy at Work Conference in Makati, Philippines yesterday. David Bonifacio, the Director of New Leaf Ventures was on stage to deliver a talk about “Happiness of Meaning”.  His video will be posted below once we have it online.  In the meantime, here is his slide deck as well as a ton of photos from the event. (Be sure to tag yourself)


PayrollHero Unwrapped Events Around Metro Manila

upcoming event

Are you interested in learning more about PayrollHero? Want to drop by a free PayrollHero Unwrapped event to get a glimpse of how PayrollHero can help your business? Here are some upcoming dates where we take PayrollHero on the road in Metro Manila;

May 29th @ 2:00pm – Fort Bonifacio (register)
June 5th @ 2:00pm – Pasig City (register)
June 19th @ 2:00pm – Quezon City (register)
June 26th @ 2:00pm – Makati City (register)
July 3rd @ 2:00pm – San Juan (register)
July 10th @ 2:00pm – Pasay City (register)
July 17th @ 2:00pm – Muntinlupa City (register)
July 24th @ 2:00pm – Makati City (register)
July 31st @ 2:00pm – Taguig (register)

These Unwrapped events are a great way to get an idea of what PayrollHero can do for you. It will be an overview of the Philippine payroll platform, time, attendance, scheduling, HRIS and analytics.  See you there!

Events Your Management Team Should Attend (Southeast Asia)

upcoming eventIs your restaurant chain growing? Are you expanding your retail stores? Are you bringing a new brand into the region? If you are, you are most likely identifying and implementing new systems and procedures in your business to help you manage your growth.

Here are some events that your management team should attend;
April 22nd, Zendesk’s Zen U – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (details)
April 25th, Zendesk’s Zen U – Jakarta, Indonesia (details)
April 30th, Zendesk’s Zen U – Manila, Philippines (details)

These are free events open to anyone interested improving their support process and customer experience.
May 2nd & 3rd, PayrollHero’s TAS Certification – Manila, Philippines (details)
May 6th & 7th, PayrollHero’s TAS Certification – Manila, Philippines (details)
May 9th & 12th, PayrollHero’s TAS Certification – Manila, Philippines (details)

These are free events open to customers of PayrollHero who want to have their team time, attendance and scheduling certified. 

May 10th, 1:30pm, PayrollHero Unwrapped – Cebu, Philippines (details)
May 1st, 1:00pm PHT, PayrollHero Webinar – Online (details)

These are free events open anyone who wants to learn more about PayrollHero’s time, attendance, scheduling, HRIS, analytics and payroll platform.
May 10th, 3:30pm, TradeGecko Unwrapped – Cebu, Philippines (details)

These are free events open to anyone interested improving their inventory management systems and procedures.

New Leaf Ventures
May 10th, 10:00am, Better Business Brunch – Cebu, Philippines (details)

Entrepreneurs and soon-to-be entrepreneurs who are passionate about building their businesses.

Any others we should know about, let us know in the comments.

Learn About PayrollHero At Cebu Unwrapped Event

Eventzilla-PH-MAY10-cebuThe New Leaf Ventures Team is running a PayrollHero Unwrapped event in Cebu, Philippines on May 10th 2014. If you are interested in learning more about PayrollHero in a face to face environment then be sure to come by.

Date: May 10, 2014

Time: 1:30 to 3:30 PM

Venue: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf; Level 4 New Wing, Ayala Center, Cebu City

Register Now

Check out what Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines has to say about PayrollHero’s Philippine Payroll platform.


The Perfect Digital Storm: Philippines

Anthony Cospito of Tigercub Digital and Will Greene of TigerMine Research spoke at the last New Leaf Ventures’ Better Business Brunch. It took place at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in the NetLima building and was on the topic of “The Perfect Digital Storm: Philippines”. Below if a quick recap video of the event:
Register for the next Better Business Brunch here.