What Restaurants are open Christmas Day in Fort Bonifacio?

This was going to be a blog post about restaurants that are open for business on Christmas Day, but after quite a bit of digging, it is hard to tell who is open and who is closed.

When I Google “What Restaurants are open Christmas Day in Fort Bonifacio?” the only post that comes up is from Black Sheep confirming that they are open on Christmas Day. But nothing else that talks about restaurants that are open. If you own a restaurant, why not advertise that you are open? Black Sheep made a simple Facebook post and it comes up #1 when I asked Google;
Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.21.43 AMBut where are the rest of them. I’m sure there are many that are open and many people looking for a place to be on Christmas night. Why not make it known that you are open.

We have covered this topic before. From my point of view, many restaurants in the Philippines don’t make the effort to market their businesses online. They leave that to 3rd party companies like MunchPunch, LooLoo and the like. For example, here is a Google search looking for “Todd English, Fort Bonifacio”. You would think their website would come up #1, but it is all 3rd party services. Here is what shows up;
Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.28.28 AMPayrollHero has a couple resources to help restaurant marketing departments up their game. Download these for your team. Let us know if you have questions. 

Here are 10 things your Philippine restaurant needs to have on their website;

Here are 9 ways to promote your restaurant in the Philippines;

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