New: Employee Financial Institution Enrolment Authentication Policy

security payroll softwareAs we continue to expand our payroll software platform we are adding a new function to our onboarding process. Now, when a new customer is onboarded or a customer adds a new employee to their account they can authenticate their employees bank accounts. This will ensure that the right employee is paid when running payroll and eliminate any issues or fraud, ghost employees or data entry errors when dealing with financial institutions.

The policy is being added to our terms of service but you can read it below:

PayrollHero’s platform enables clients to authenticate all employee’s bank accounts by doing two deposits of random amounts into each employees bank account. The employee then confirms the deposit amounts within PayrollHero to verify that their bank account is correct.

This process ensures that the right employee is paid the right amount into the right financial institution account.  

If the client has completed this process and their is an issue with the bank deposits, PayrollHero will apply the following service credits to the clients PayrollHero account:

– 100% of their month’s fees will be credited on their next invoice

If the client has NOT completed this process and their is an issue related to bank accounts receiving an incorrect amount, the client is completely responsible.