50 Coffees: Ben Jacobs of DCM Ventures

We met up with Ben Jacobs this morning of DCM.  Ben was introduced to us by the guys at Taskus as they all grew up in the same neighbourhood in Los Angeles.  Ben took us out to breakfast to chat further about what we are up to.  It was very interesting to chat with Ben as he has lots of experience in the payroll world and overseas ventures.  (Interesting note, Ben speaks Mandarin) Ben talked about how DCM works, where they like to invest (US / Asia) and what his thoughts were on PayrollHero and what we were doing.  After breakfast we walked back over to the house to show Ben the “window” into the Manila office. (what is 50 Coffees?)

(L – R) Michael Stephenson, Ben Jacobs, Stephen Jagger



Who Are The Other Luxr SF5 Companies?

There are 4 companies attending the 10 week residency at Luxr.co.  But before we get to them, what is the Luxr 10 week residency? “The 10-Week Residency is a design program for early-stage product teams. The program is radically low priced and tailored to serve lean, agile startups.” (complete details)

PayrollHero.com – Super Human Capital Management Software delivered via the cloud to browsers and mobile.  Businesses whom seek to attract quality individuals to their workforce, must find new ways to interest them in their careers.  PayrollHero.com helps businesses automate the tedious & repetitive functions of payroll administration, source deduction contributions, attendance recording and maintenance of their related banks, paystubs and annual reporting.

Lift.do – Tony Stubblebine and Jon Crosby have created an interesting new application for unlocking human potential through positive reinforcement.





Giggo.net – Giggo is changing how consumers connect with merchants and brands.





ScootDoodle.com – When you can’t be together in person, Scoot & Doodle offers a fun, new way for parents and kids to get together with friends and family online.


(L – R) The PayrollHero team: Piotr Banasik, Clark from CarbonFive,
Adam Baechler, Michael Stephenson, Stephen Jagger