50 Coffees: Indy Guha of Bain Capital Ventures

I just got back from a meeting with Indy Guha of Bain Capital Ventures.  (Bain is also a “newbie” to the Silicon Valley area with new offices in Palo Alto and downtown San Francisco.)  Indy and I had a great chat.  He explained how Bain has its fingers in many pies around the world and through its affiliated companies. Bain has lots of experience and connections in many large industries with ownership in many big name businesses.

We chatted about PayrollHero, the direction we were taking it and about our plans for the near future.  Sounds like Indy is going to swing by the PayrollHero house sometime soon to meet the rest of the team and see the product.

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Demo Of PayrollHero with Robert Scoble

I emailed Robert Scoble a few months ago about meeting up with him while we were in San Francisco to chat about our journey and what we are up to with PayrollHero.com.  His schedule is crazy and November 29th 2011 was the first spot he had available.  So today, Mike Stephenson and I drove over to the new Rackspace offices in downtown San Francisco to meet with Robert.

Their new offices are really new.  They were still setting things up when we got there and Robert was even attaching lights to the interview area that they dedicated to his program.

It was an interesting meeting, we chatted briefly before Robert turned the camera on, and then he went right into asking questions about PayrollHero and doing a live demo.  Mike did a great job of showcasing the system, talking about where we are going and the market that we are in.

It was a great experience and I look forward to seeing the video.  (sounds like it will be online in the next few days)

Note the signatures on the post – these are the people that he has interviewed thus far in this new location(L – R) Robert Scoble, Michael Stephenson, Stephen Jagger

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Eric Ries, Author of The Lean Startup, Comes to Luxr

Today’s Luxr session was fantastic.  We had Eric Ries, the author of the best selling book The Lean Startup come by to have a fireside chat with us, moderated by Luxr co-founder Janice Fraser.  It was a great session with Janice asking some very relevant questions that allowed Eric to explain his thoughts on the lean startup world.  He told some great stories, including a funny one about his experience on Fox News.

Eric is a very sharp individual who has taken the tech community by storm with his lean startup concept and it was a pleasure meeting him again.  (Mike and I met up with Eric a while back in Whistler, which indirectly lead us to Luxr and moving to San Francisco)  As part of our bulk purchase of Eric’s book, we get 4 hours with him to chat about whatever we want.  I look forward to having him over to the PayrollHero house and showing him in more detail what we are up to.  Sounds like mid December we will have that opportunity.

Here are a few pictures from today:

(L – R) Piotr Banasik, Stephen Jagger, Eric Ries, Michael Stephenson, Adam Baechler

Eric Ries signing 1 of our 500 copies of The Lean Startup (watch this blog for book giveaway details)

Janice Fraser of Luxr and Eric Ries

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