Get Clarity – Get Advice From Entrepreneurs, Support Charities

I have had the opportunity to meet up with fellow Canadian Dan Martell a few times while in San Francisco and at one point, Dan showed me his new venture –  The idea is simple – bring together people willing to give advice, with people looking for advise, and charge a fee that goes to charity. “Clarity makes it easy to connect with others looking for advice over the phone. The service is all mobile, is private and secure, has some amazing features that make it fast and delightful.”

Want check it out?  You can see my Clarity profile here.  Interested in speaking with Dan Martell, you can reach him here.  How about Jason Billingsley, Saul Colt or Hiten Shah you can reach them all here.  There are tons of entrepeneurs involved and the system works really well.  It is a simple way to quickly engage with someone in your field or in the area of expertise that you are looking for.  Check it out and sign up here –