Payroll Hero House Comes To An End

Yesterday was the last day of the rental agreement with the owners of the Payroll Hero house in Cow Hollow. It was time to pack up the house and return it to the owners so that they could move back in. So, we did just that, we packed up what we have accumulated in San Francisco and packed it into a UHaul so that I could drive it back up to Vancouver. Yesterday, at about 9am, Bryan Garcia and I got into the UHaul and took off for Vancouver. The original plan was to stop somewhere mid way along the i5, but as we got rolling, we just never stopped. I ended up driving the whole way, 15 hours, back to Vancouver, arriving late last night.

But, this is not the end for us in San Francisco, actually only the beginning. The idea of the 4 month stay in San Francisco was to decide where we needed to be, San Francisco, Manila, Vancouver, Whistler? ? We have decided to put a presence into San Francisco (along with a BC office) and we are working on the details of that now. So, watch for more information as we get settled.

Startup Exits: Early Stage M&A

I attended a meetup at Rocket Space in downtown San Francisco the other night on the topic of startup exits. It was a sold out event that was full of great information. The panelists and entrepreneurs talked about the importance of networking, connecting with companies CTOs and to continually meet up with VCs and Angels as a way of expanding your network. They panelists did talk about how deals came their way but basically agreed there is no one way. They learn about companies through their network, VCs, Angels, other entrepreneurs and bankers. All in all it was a solid event. Here is who was in the line up:

Keynote: Jack Abraham, co-founded and sold Milo to eBay for $75M

Fireside Chat: Aydin Senkut, Managing Director, Felicis VC “Thoughts On The Exit From A VC’s Perspective”

Ilya Fushman, Corporate Development, Dropbox
Tom Duterme, Corporate Development, Groupon
Tim Carlson, Corporate Development, eBay
Ken Gullicksen, Corporate Development, Evernote
Nathan Beckord, Principal, VentureArchetypes Startup Advisors (Moderator)