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I flew into Las Vegas for a couple meetings this week.  One was with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.  Tony was gracious to meet up with me for a drink on Wednesday night.  We met at a bar downtown Las Vegas that his “Downtown Project” team works from during the day.  It was great to chat with Tony and learn more about what he was up to with downtown Las Vegas.  He has some huge ideas and I’m confident that he is the right guy to see them through.  While we were chatting, Tony suggested that I take the Zappos tour the next day if I had some time.  I said I did, and within a few minutes of him pulling out his phone, one of his team walked into the bar to arrange everything.

Out at Zappos the tour was amazing.  It was great to see first hand how Tony has grown an amazing culture.  Here are a couple pictures I snapped from my phone.  As you can see their office has “stuff” everywhere.  Employees (or Friends as our guide referred to them) are encouraged to bring in whatever they want that showcases their personality.  Plus, great to see, Tony and the management team are in cubicles right along side everyone else.

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