Salesforce Infographic: How To Ensure The Survival Of Your Startup

Are you a new, small business owner? Maybe you’re starting to think about a startup business loan? Or you’re perhaps you’re just in the early stages of your startup ideas…wherever you are on your journey, we’d like to help prepare you for success.

Below is an infographic from Salesforce, highlighting some of the rather sobering problems facing a new startup. But don’t throw in the towel just yet, it’s not all doom and gloom – by making you aware of the potential pit-falls now, we’re actually helping prepare you and your business ahead of time.

Having this kind of knowledge is a big responsibility

So we say share it. Print it off and stick it to your wall, save it on Pinterest, share it on Facebook and Twitter – whatever method you choose, live happy in the knowledge that you’re helping give all startups the greatest chance of success.

Salesforce Infographic: how to grow a start-up

Running a startup requires not just a great idea, but the ability to adapt and scale quickly

Share responsibly and remember, the success of a startup is in your hands!