5 Ways To Clock In And Out of PayrollHero

There are 5 ways to have your employees clock in and out of PayrollHero.  3 for situations with multiple employees and 2 for employees using their own devices.  Below are quick videos showcasing each one and here is a link to our knowledge-base.

TimeClock – PayrollHero’s TimeClock apps enable multiple employees to clock in and out from the same decide.  The TimeClock replaces your bio-metrics or bundy clock to give you a quick and easy way to get real time data from your employees time and attendance.

PayrollHero iPhone TimeClock

PayrollHero iPad TimeClock

PayrollHero TimeClock Web


MyClock – The PayrollHero MyClock is designed to enable your employees to clock in and out from their personal iOS device or their computer at their desk.  This option is perfect for office environments or businesses where employees sit down at their own work stations.

PayrollHero iPhone MyClock

PayrollHero MyClock Web