Did You Know Smiling Can Actually Improve Your Health?

PayrollHero Smile (yellow)Ever notice that moment when you smile at someone and they instantly smile back, almost unknowingly – why is that? The reason is because humans react biologically. When you see someone smile it triggers the same neurons in the brain that react if you were to smile yourself. Years of research have shown that the simple act of smiling elevates both your mood and that of those around you. Your stress levels are reduced just by having a grin on your face no matter who is around which also lowers your heart rate levels after daunting tasks. The most incredible part is that these results are not only caused by being emotionally happy, your mood will still be elevated to the same extent even if you are faking a smile! The motion of creating a smile a few times a day real or fake is by far the easiest way to help improve moral in an office and consequently your health as well.

When we first started creating the concept that is PayrollHero, we wanted to improve the experience someone has coming to work and knew that this idea of elevating mood was important. We can all agree using a punch clock or time card can likely have a negative impact on your mood as it stands as a reminder of just starting a long day. If you could start your day with a smile and a tone that sets the pace for the rest of the day for you and your employees wouldn’t you try to? Our software is designed so you see all your colleagues smiling faces and goofy grins everyday to help create that desired effect of uplifting your mood and experience. We want to help elevate the happiness in your organization, check out our site PayrollHero.com to see more about our TeamClock and MyTimeClock that allow employees to clock in and out with just a picture and a better start to their day.

Source: Forbes.com

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