Company Atmosphere and How it Relates to your Turnover Rate

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There is this great feeling when you are happy to be at work because of your team and commitment to a company that somehow overrides the daily headaches and objectives before you. Those who have experienced this feeling of belonging to an organization can tell you how hard it is to leave a company to which they owe great friends, memories, experiences and lessons from. It all comes back to company culture and it’s incredible spill over benefits when things are right. You have seen it in the news and articles how big companies like Google, Zappos, Facebook, Mind Valley in Asia and several others have created incredible office spaces built to be true work paradises with an easygoing relaxed atmosphere. Companies strive to achieve this because they know it allows employees to be creative with great imaginative new measures and feeling comfortable at work has proven benefits. Recruiting talent is much easier in companies that offer more perks than just a benefits package.

Besides just having a great working environment, creating a community of close colleagues has incredible effects on the staff moral and job satisfaction. People have been proven to tolerate jobs they don’t enjoy simply because of the people they work with.  In fact in a study done on “WorkForce Retention” by American Psychological Association, more than 56% percent of participants stated their connectivity to their organization and co workers as a reason for staying at their current job.  With over 67% stating that the reason as their job fits in well with their life, you cannot ignore the importance of creating a great company atmosphere to engage and retain human talent. Here at PayrollHero we like to do activities together such as golf ranges, mountain biking, traveling and group meals on top of offering a ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) to attract great employees.

We designed our software to encourage a positive workforce and help brighten the moods of staff members from what used to be a mundane process to a fun and engaging way to be welcomed to work. Let us help change the environment at your business, feel free to contact us.

Update: Flex Schedules Is Here


Clients have asked us about the ability to have flex schedules. The vast majority of our clients have pretty ridged schedules, but there is always an employee or two that has a bit of a flexible schedule. Their time still needs to be tracked, but their start and end time is more flexible. Now, within PayrollHero, you can use the MyClock Web to enable flexible schedule employees to clock in and out without the need for a schedule.

Questions? Reach out to our team for more information or check out the knowledge-base article.

5 Reasons You Should Never Be Late ~ #BePunctual

blog-post-reasons-lateI have heard “Island Time” or in the Philippines “Filipino Time” as a way of justifying why you are late. Of course, one of PayrollHero’s missions is to help employees be punctual for their jobs, so I thought it would be a good topic for a post on 5 reasons why you should never be late.

1. It is Disrespectful
When you are late, you are telling the person that you are meeting with that your time is more important that their time.  It shows a lack of respect and common courtesy to others.

2. It is Stressful
Or it should be. When your running late, you worry about the repercussions at work, with your appointment, etc. Lower your stress and plan your travel time accordingly. Your body will thank you for it.

3. It Can Cause a Chain Reaction
When you’re late, it makes other people late.

4. Bad Reputation
Being known for tardiness is never a good thing and is a hard reputation to shake.

5. Its not Professional
As you move forward in your work life, tardiness is less and less accepted. Best to get in good habits right from the start!

How can you improve your punctuality? 

– move closer to your job
– budget more time for your commute
– take weather conditions into account when leaving for work
– leave enough time between appointments to account for traffic delays
– change you mode of transport if it is the cause of your tardiness

What are your ideas on how to improve? 


Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines

The President of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines, Walden Chu, was invited by the CBTL Group to speak at their global conference for all country franchisee owners in late 2013 in Los Angeles. At the conference he covered his experience with PayrollHero and how it has helped his 70 location coffee chain operate in the Philippines.  Here is the complete video as well as a shortened version just on his PayrollHero comments. Enjoy!

Event: PayrollHero Unwrapped


Our partner at New Leaf Ventures in Manila, Philippines is having a PayrollHero Unwrapped event. This is a fantastic way to get a hands on look at how PayrollHero works and what it can do for your business.  From their website:

We’re unwrapping PayrollHero for you! Learn how this simple and easy-to-use software can help transform your business!

PayrollHero is a Time, Attendance, Scheduling, HRIS and Payroll app that is built for web and mobile.

Employees can clock in/out using facial recognition technology, giving “accuracy” a whole new meaning.

Scheduling, as well as viewing schedules, is as convenient as a single click.

Payroll computation is exact as it is built for the Philippines. You don’t have to worry about computing different types of pays– be it Night Time Differential, Holiday pay, Double shifts etc.

You will also have access to a set of analytics that will help you make important decisions for your business.

The best thing? Everything is in real-time.  Space is limited, Register Now! 

Double Holidays and How it Affects Your Company in the Philippines


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“The Double Holiday” while rare can occur when two or more holidays happen to land on the same day such as Araw ng Kagitingan falls on the same day as Maundy Thursday or Good Friday. These have a different impact on wage rates compared to typical Regular Holidays.  In the case of the Double Holiday, the covered employee shall be entitled to at least 200% of his/her basic wage even if the day is unworked. For an employee who is required to work on the Double Holiday, he or she is entitled to the 200% plus an additional 100% of the basic wage equaling 300% percent total of the basic wage. Obviously this is truly important to understand from both a managerial perspective and as an employee.