We have another new team member Justin!

justin (1)Justin joins our PayrollHero Whistler office as a Client Success Hero with our support team. Despite being a Vancouver native now, he hails from the Philippines and brings our team an array of helpful attributes. Welcome Justin!

“I’m Justin, 25 years old and I can fit in your pocket! My motto has always been “Less is More.”

I moved to Vancouver from the Philippines in 1995 with my single mother and two older siblings. Fast forward: continuous soul searching, plenty of mistakes along the way, living off Craigslist gigs, and even worked as a VW/Audi mechanic at some point.

Now I live a purpose driven life that aligns my musical calling, with my spiritual calling.

You can catch me making beats in my man cave, DJ’ing at local/international nightclubs, weight training, being in the great outdoors and most importantly, building my relationships with the people who matter most to me.
I’ve had experience in many different fields, but the common denominator is this: Helping others. PayrollHero seems to be aligned with the same mentality of changing and helping how people live and work in the business world. That is why I’m more than excited to be part of such a passionate, driven, and most of all, friendly team! Thank you for reading!”