How To Hack An Event To Get The Most Out of a Speaker


Some of our team members including Mike Stephenson, Adam Baechler, Ron Maravilla and myself attended the Vancouver Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) event today which was led by Jack Daly, world renown sales expert and coach. We had the honour of being able to showcase our product and meet with other business professionals from diverse industries. As a fun and exciting way to surprise everyone, we set up our iOS TeamClock app to have almost everyone that RSVP’d for the event in a PayrollHero account setup as an employee and ready to clock in. Seeing the surprised look on peoples face to see their own photo was quite entertaining!

The focus of Jack’s presentation was around smart selling in regards to creating leveraged growth with systems & processes. Through his 50 years of sales experience, Jack has more knowledge and passion for the subject that anyone you have ever met. He kept everyone engaged, inspired and laughing with his charisma and insightful techniques in the sales management arena.

How To Hack An Event To Get The Most Out of a Speaker;
Knowing Jack to be extremely sought after for events with a very busy schedule, we worked hard to arrange in advance that we could provide him with a ride to the airport on us to both thank him for his time in Vancouver and pick his brain on subjects of importance to our team. Always being the true professional, we learned more about his background and personal experiences while still finding time to give us direct feedback on our companies objectives, systems and requirements. As a group we can all agree Jack is a magnificent speaker and coach on sales and we highly recommend him for your next conference. Check out his site for more information!

This is not the first time we have used this technique to get more face time with someone. PayrollHero co-founder Steve Jagger once offered to drive a member of the media to work after she mentioned on Twitter that buses were not running due to snow. Steve jumped at the opportunity to meet with her, learn more about what she was writing and talk more about our company. He offered to drive her to work as he was “on his way downtown”. Which of course he was not, but took the opportunity to meet up with her.

Another time, Lean Startup visionary Eric Ries was in Whistler, Canada with his wife for work and tweeted that he had some downtime. This was long before we had an office in Whistler, Steve responded on Twitter that he and Mike would love to meet up for a beer. Eric responded that he could do that, thinking that we were in Whistler as well. They hopped into their car in Vancouver and drove an hour to Whistler to meet up with him.

Moral of the story, we keep our eyes open for opportunity and are not afraid to hustle!

Here are some more photos from the EO Vancouver event with Jack Daly

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