Singapore Payroll Software by PayrollHero

Singapore Payroll Software by PayrollHero

Exciting news – PayrollHero is expanding its payroll functionality to Singapore and we are signing up Charter Clients. What is a PayrollHero Charter Client?

Charter Client ~ an early adopter that signs up for a product at a special price and gets to contribute to its formation.

Are you interested in learning more about the Singapore Charter Client program? Drop us an email and we will get in touch right away. (email:

We will be holding an exclusive event next week in Singapore. Contact us for details.

New Security Feature: Password Strength Policy

As we continue to enhancing security across PayrollHero, we have created a new system that enforces a password policy on user’s password. Users are now required to use at least the following in their password:

  • one lowercase letter
  • one uppercase letter
  • one number
  • 8 characters in total for the password length

We’re hoping this will help to avoid using simple passwords and secure everyone’s data.

This change will be effective November 3, 2014 and will affect all new user creations and password changes.

We also added Two Factor Authentication a few weeks ago. Read more here.